Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Week in Storage

Here are some recent items I found on the net about the storage market:

Because the storage market needed just 'one' more acronym.... Seanodes brings us SIS (Shared Internal Storage). It is an interesting concept - it converts unused internal disks and arrays inside of systems into a shared storage array. The idea is that data de-duplication is great, but it is a post-processing activity; where SIS is leveraging 100% of unused or underused disk capacity. "Shared Internal Storage takes advantage of what IDC calls an "inside-out SAN" by virtualizing internal storage assets and servers across a shared storage pool of clustered nodes." Seanodes was founded in France in 2002, but has since opened a Cambridge, Mass. office and was noted (last November) to be looking for partners for their solutions and software. Check out a VAR Business article here, and the Seanodes site here.

IBM revealed "Cloud Storage Services" this week, as a follow-up to its acquisition of Arsenal Digital Solutions in December 2007. It brings a storage service offering to the small and medium size business, something that Arsenal brought 3,400 of to IBM in the merger. Check out the eWeek article here.

StorageMojo has an article on the notebook flash SSD market.

Tony Pearson, over at the Inside System Storage blog at IBM, comments on the recent Forrester Research finding titled "Consolidate Storage Vendors To Reduce Complexity"

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