Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vegas Data Center World Wrap-up

Well.... Data Center World is wrapped up (for me anyway). My flight leaves early enough tomorrow that I am unable to attend sessions in the morning. I consider the conference to be wildly successful. I met and talked with a number of good people, there were some really good exhibitors and speakers, and the buzz throughout the attendees definitely matched that of the data center industry. It's an exciting time.

Here is a (brief) run-down of some of my thoughts on the event:

  • I met Jason from Infobunker, Kevin from Mission Critical Magazine, Rich Miller from Data Center Knowledge, Mark Fontecchio from TechTarget, and Rick Sawyer from EYP (now HP).
  • I had some really good conversations from cool vendors about their products: Federal Communications Group, Aristos International, ConTech, Rackable, NER Data, RLE, Nodecom and t.a.c.
  • Rick Sawyer had a particularly good presentation on the high cost of data centers. He gave three examples of data that was pulled from EYP jobs. According to Rick data center space costs between $700/ sq.ft and $2,500/ sq. ft. I liked his "Rick's Rule": Generally, the cost per square foot is directly related to the availability and power required by the load, and inversely related to the size of the data center.
  • Another excellent session was given by John Tuccilo (APC) about the Green Grid's work in the development of standards for energy efficiency. The Green Grid is really growing lately and is doing some good work. I took a ton of notes on this one.
  • Finally... some pics:

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Anonymous said...

The presentation from Rick was very broad and the cost data was "of concern" for example the statement he made of $465 per sq ft for the building can get someone into real trouble.
I would tell all your readers to be veru careful with the numbers provided.