Monday, June 02, 2008

Enterasys Scales Intrusion Dection and Prevention

Enterasys Networks is an interesting company that has been in the news a lot lately. They are an spin-off of Cabletron Systems that formed in 2000. The press release that caught my eye was today....but here is a run-down of news:

  • June 2: Enterasys scales Dragon Intrusion Detection and Prevention. IDS and IPS technologies are pretty amazing - and to be doing it at a 10Gigabit performance is even more amazing. I worked pretty closely with Palisade Systems IDS/IPS a number of years ago and really liked the technology.
    “Enterasys Dragon delivers fully distributed protection from both internal and external threats without having to deploy appliances on every wire,” said Mike Fabiaschi, Enterasys President and CEO. “Rather than just telling you that a threat exists – we make it easy to immediately remove the threat from any multi-vendor network without impacting performance.”
  • Extreme wins patent suit against Enterays.
  • Power and Cooling: Cisco vs. Enterasys. Although the numbers show Enterasys requiring approximately half the power and cooling of Cisco equipment, the numbers are baseless (i.e.: 70% of all statistics are made up). The comments after the article are interesting / comical to read. Like I said, 80% of all statistics are made-up.

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