Monday, June 23, 2008

Terremark's NAP of the Capital Region Set To Open

The Culpeper Virginia NAP of the Capital Region is set to open June 25th. A local newspaper had a brief article about the invitation-only opening and the fact that Norm Laudermilch, who Rich Miller interviewed a short while back, will continue on as the Managing Director of the 35-acre campus.

The same newspaper had an article about the importance of the Terremark project, taxpayer obligations, and a complex private-public proposal for Culpeper Utility Partners. The article is an interesting read and is another case study in the efforts of economic development departments doing their best to attract high technology business to the area. The massive Terremark of the Capital Region was definitely a catalyst for the area.

Terremark stock
has been going down in the latter half of June, but between this NAP opening and their enterprise cloud offering, I would venture that it will pick back up.

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