Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Google's Council Bluffs Data Center - Phase 2

The Omaha Newstand reports that wheels are in motion to provide the infrastructure for phase 2 of the Google data center in Council Bluffs Iowa. The city council is meeting to consider the resolutions for the creation of a utilities corridor south of the city. Phase 1 of the $600 Million Google data center is on 55 acres of land, where phase 2 is a 1,000 acre parcel, providing greater security for the buildings.

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Anonymous said...

1000 acres? Am I the only one beeing massivly impressed by this figure?
Maybe Google has plans to build their own power plant.
E. g. a nuclear plant like Three Mile Island, which is located on an 800+ acres island, is providing a capacity of 800 MW. This would be good for a couple of racks.