Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cedar Falls Data Center Helps Out Flood Victims

Just a quick link to a story about data centers and the 2008 Iowa Floods. The article shows how TEAM Technologies helped out the local utility company and Iowa Health System.

Iowa Health, which operates 11 hospitals and 135 clinics across the state, stored some of its critical data in a building in downtown Cedar Rapids, but also duplicate data stored at Team Technologies, said Jim Mormann, vice president and chief information officer at Iowa Health.

"We called Team when we knew our building in Cedar Rapids was going to flood," Mormann said. "We moved 130 servers from the basement of our office in downtown Cedar Rapids to the Team data center in Cedar Falls. It was quite the effort, but our servers were running again within 12 hours thanks to the staff at Team."
Check out the Waterloo / Cedar Falls Courier article here.

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