Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Systems Management News - Containers

My latest column at Systems Management News is out. I couldn't hold back any longer....I had to talk about containers. I could probably go 3 more columns worth on the topic, but I attempt to cover the major manufacturers who have come out with container products: Sun, Rackable, Verari, and IBM.

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Anonymous said...

APC's Infrastruxure Express is less than 400 sqft (well below the 2500sqft mentioned in your article) and only houses 12 racks. They'll say it can power 130kw of equipment but there's only enough cooling for 84kw.

Verari's solution pales in comparison to Sun's, Dell's, or Rackable's as it requires both space above and below the container for airflow and air handlers. Verari photoshopped the pictures of the FOREST on their website but you can see the pilings required and the air handlers on the roof in the pictures of the Microsoft unit in Colorado. It's far from self contained.

HP is still playing coy with details of their offering. Expect it to be 2x the cost of the Rackable or Sun offering and targeted at customers who don't have expertise to build or operate their own facility. HP is not targeting the low cost scale out customers.

Anonymous said...

Great article. I think your math is off on the server counts for Northlake. Please multiply by 10. :)

-Michae Manos/Microsoft