Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Microsoft Data Center Monitoring System

CIO reports that Microsoft is using 2,000 temperature/humidity sensors - using ZigBee wireless in several of its facilities. Microsoft demonstrated their prototype system to the Uptime Institute. Check out the CIO article here.

This news (of course) made me think.... how cool would it be to combine this wireless mesh of sensors, with Autodesk's Revit (Building Information Modeling software), and OpenSimulator - like IBM is using to present a virtual data center. I am a visual learner and big fan of the virtual world stuff like OpenSimulator offers. I've played around in SecondLife - but have not been 'overly' impressed just yet. The vision that IBM has started with OpenSimulator/Virtual Worlds is pretty cool - and the potential to integrate other products (monitoring/management) into that is pretty exciting (for a geek like me).

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