Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cloud Computing Aritcles and Blogroll

Besides containers, my other recent fascination has been with cloud computing. Put another way (thanks to Gianpaolo Carrero) I am really in to nephology (the study of clouds). I'll have another Systems Management News article on the topic in the near future, but for now I thought I would list some of the articles that I have run across recently and my blogroll on the topic of clouds.


  • Zimory - This one REALLY intrigues me.....will have to read up on it more, but definitely check it out.
  • Amazon White Paper on Cloud Architectures and best practices of Amazon S3, EC2, SimpleDB and SQS

Blog Roll:

  • Dell - In the Clouds - Condensing ideas on the future of cloud computing

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Cloud Computing Aritcles and Blogroll